The Adam Brown 5K Shamrock Run
- 03.07.2015, 9.00AM -

US Navy Chief Adam Lee Brown (SOC) loved to run. He instilled this love to run in his children, along with so many other wonderful, healthy ways of life. Adam's children ran in an annual marathon he supported just days after the devastating loss of their father.

Adam's family deeply appreciates the love and support that has been extended to them. People are humbled that Adam, a loved hometown boy, truly sacrificed, so we could lay our heads down at night. What can last, and keep the incredible spirit of a person alive? To honor him. To do something positive in his name that will be remembered for years to come. Thus, the idea of the Adam Brown 5K Shamrock Run was born.

The Adam Brown 5K Shamrock Run, in Pearcy (Hot Springs), Arkansas is in it's 5th year, in 2015. The event is held in the hometown of US Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Adam Brown, who lost his life on March 17, 2010 serving our country during combat operations in Afghanistan.

It is the intention to begin a scholarship, in Adam's name, at Lake Hamilton High School to keep Adam's spirit, forever alive. Other organizations, near and dear to Adam, will also likely benefit from the race proceeds. The Adam Brown Memorial Fund, was started to place a memorial in the turf at Lake Hamilton Summit Field, where Adam, #24, was a much loved, feisty football player. Adam had the most incredible smile, and truly was a friend to everyone. The turf memorial is at the field of Adam's Alma Mater, where there Lake Hamilton Wolves take the field at Friday night home games. Adam's children attend his Alma Mater now, so during their tenure at LH, they will see, firsthand how much their father meant to our community, and on a grander scale, our country.

The road that runs in front of Lake Hamilton Schools has also been changed to honor Adam.
Adam Brown Road is just a small way, to remember a big person.

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